Our Master Classes

Each participant is entitled to a total of 5 hours of individual lessons with various lecturers and lecturers of our international team.

For the younger ones, we have scheduled shorter lessons, which are held more often. We are happy to accommodate individual requests. The participants, who are already studying music, have the opportunity to get 1 piano lesson with each lecturer. For the youngest we recommend 2 to 3 lecturers, for each 2 to 3x.


Our Workshops

Workshops on different subject areas provide a useful supplement to the piano master classes.

  • Mental Training

    In here you learn about how to make the most of your practice time on the piano. Elements regarding a mental training as well as strategies to memorize music faster and impulses for the optimization of a natural piano technique. This workshop is mainly for younger participants.

  • Jazz Improvisation

    This creative workshop aims to get the aspiring pianists away from the grades and to make simple improvisations possible by learning the basic structures of jazz.

  • Self-management for musicians

    In the rough world of being a musician, it is not easy to assert and market at first. Not everyone is fortunate to be signed to an agency right after graduation. Here you can get practical tips on how to market yourself as a pianist / pianist. This workshop, which includes a general lecture for each individual and a 30-minute coaching session, is intended for participants over the age of 18 years.

  • Body & Mind

    In this body-oriented workshop, the instructor uses exercises from Yoga, Alexander Technique, Biodynamics and the Franklin Method to specifically train musicians to train body awareness, provide relaxation, and thus facilitate effortless music-making on the instrument.

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