Vienna Young Pianists

21. July – 02. August 2008

Piano Master Classes

Masahi Katayama
Florian Krumpöck
Susanna Spaemann


Berthold Foeger Jazz Piano
Jorge Sánchez-Chiong Improvization workshop


Johannes Brahms-Prize
sponsored by the Brahmsgesellschaft Pörtschach for an outstanding interpretation of a work by the composer
€ 300,-

Olivier Messiaen-Prize
for an excellent performance of piano music by the French composer

Heinrich Gattermeyer Prize

donated by the Austrian composer on the occasion of his 85th anniversary for convincing presentations of his works (list of repertoire on request)
für besonders gelungene Aufführungen seiner Werke (Repertoireliste auf Anfrage)
€ 300,-

Russischer Music prize
by the International Russian Music Piano Competition, San Jose, CA, USA, for the best interpretation of Russian piano music Free participation and accommodation at the June 2009 edition