July 20 - 28, 2019



Individual lessons with varous teachers



Additional workshops are included in the course fee



Participants' concerts in a historic concert hall



Prizes for outstanding artistic achievments



Excursion with cultural and culinary highlights

Video Documentation


A recording of your performance available

Practise Rooms


Free practice facilities for external  students



Hotel or private lodging recommended on request


The international summer festival Vienna Piano Academy (formally "Vienna Young Pianists"), with master classes, concerts and workshops was founded in 2005 by Susanna Spaemann , artistic director of the programme. For a maximum of 25 active participants, ages 10 to 29 years, piano lessons are provided from different professors of our internationally renowned faculty. Each active participant receives a total of 5 individual lessons and is given the chance to perform at the Ehrbar Hall, one of the city's most beautiful concert halls, where Brahms, Mahler, Bartók, Schönberg and other celebrated musicians once performed. Through accompanying workshops, the participants receive valuable artistic inputs. An excursion offers the opportunity to enjoy some of the cultural and culinary delights of Vienna and provides enough time for the participants and tutors to share experience in a relaxed atmosphere.

It is an important step in the young artists career to appear and present their musical skills in the frame of participants' concerts, in such a historically significant concert hall.

Prizes will be awarded for outstanding performances of works by the featured composer Clara Schumann, whose anniversary we celebrate this year, in one of our participants’ concerts.

Furthermore, a special price will be awarded to an outstanding, up-an-coming talent, in the form of a recital at our academy in 2020 in the Ehrbar hall.

A maximam of two scholarships will be awarded Students wishing to apply for a scholarship shuld contact us per e mail. They will receive a full application form, which must be returned by May 20th, together with a curriculum vitae and a video recording.

In our concert series, you may listen to experienced internationally acclaimed artists as well as the stars of tomorrow, who are just starting their career and who we would like to present to our audience in one of their first recitals in Vienna.

We look forward to welcoming the young artists in a city steeped in a unique cultural and musical tradition.